Tornado Maxicut RM270

Built to last, proven to deliver. The Maxicut RM270 has been designed for farmers, contractors and local government teams with two powerful rotors and fast hydraulic folding for safe transport.

Twose Maxicut 420

Tornado Maxicut RM420

Twist and turn wherever you need with the Tornado Maxicut RM420. Supreme manoeuvrability, floating linkage system and variety of cutting heights that are perfect for pasture topping.

Maxicut 600 Product | Twose

Maxicut 600

With a cutting width of six metres, the Maxicut 600 Flex-Wing rotary cutter is ready to tackle the heaviest of duties. This magnificent wide-area mower features walking axles, 5-mm cutting capacity and 1000 PTO overrun protection.

Maxicut 460 Product | Twose

Maxicut 460

A jack of all trades. The Twose Maxicut 460 is a powerful, versatile rotary cutter. With all-shaft drive, robust build quality and four hardened blades per gearbox rotor, look no further for your new wide-area mowing needs.