Independent wing lift gives optimum manoeuvrability with the automatic levelling linkage keeping the deck parallel to the ground for an even cut and easy height adjustment. Hydraulically folding wings enable a fast and smooth transition from transport to working position.

The wide-angle PTO supplies power from the tractor to the mower but also allows the tightest of turns when working in confined spaces and around obstacles – excellent for setting aside and large pasture topping.

Cutting height 10mm to 400mm
Cutting Capacity 50mm
Tractor requirement & attachment
HP requirement 70hp
Equipment details
PTO speed 1000rpm
Number of Rotors 3
Number of Blades 6
Performance Features
  • 3 high performance rotors and 6 cutting blades for outstanding productivity
  • Floating linkage system
  • 57° of wing movement (+45°, -12°)
  • Heavy-duty gearboxes
  • 1000rpm wide angle PTO MARKETS
  • Slip clutch protection
  • 10mm to 400mm cutting height
  • 50mm cutting capacity
  • Robust build quality
  • Safe, fast hydraulic folding for safe transport
  • Front and rear chain guards
Tractor Requirements
  • 70hp
  • Large scale farmers, contractors and local government